Janickes' Rexall Pharmacy
First State Bank in the
Photo Gallery
Homecoming, 2005
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Billy & Ronnie
Joyce, Fred & Kay
The Class of '61 ROCKS!   
Jo Ann, Kay, Joe, Lucio, Joyce, Ronnie
Bill & Kathy
Barbara, Norman, &Arland
Charlie, Ronnie, Sammy & Bev
Billy & Joynce Nan '60
Aseneth, Perry, & Ignacio
Kay '61,Royce '33 Della '36 Jan
'63 & Gyrene '59
(Ninon, we missed you!)
Quenton & Annie
Lenell & Lynn
Billy, Ronnie, Kay, Barb
Patrice, Debby & Bill
Look at us now...
Theresa Robrtson, Class of '59
& Hilda Robertson West, Class of
Ina Ruth Maxwell Rouse, Class of '41
with her Great Grandchildren, John
Nicholas & Anna Hanstrom,
Grandchildren of Bill & Jo Ann
Who are you people, and what did you do
with the kids we went to school with?.......
Lance Greenwood (Bill & Martha
Shackelford Greenwoods's son) with his
grandparents Jesse Greenwood, Class of
'45 & Charlsie Drum Greenwood, Class of
'47.  Sadly, Charlsie passed away two months
 after this picture was taken.
The FABULOUS Class of '67 at their reunion in '05
Kathy Stein Burnett, Kay Shackelford Buscemi,
Terry Baucom Windham, Lenelle Scull, Lydia
Chapa Romero Back Row, L to R:  Dennis
Thomas, Jan Greenwood Woodson, Bobby
Roach, Augie Romero
Alicia Flores Castro, Class of '64 &
Cervado Castro, Class of '65 live in
Houston & attended the meeting on
March 24th
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Janie Galvan Vargas
Hector Vargas
Both Class of 72
Patsy Jean Robertson Petrus (l),
Class of '42 with Angie Petrus
Bounds, wife of '73 OHS Grad,
Johnny Bounds
Dorothy Smith Weatherly Butler, Class
of '37 &Bill Greenwood, Class of '70
shared a lot of laughs at the Homecoming
Committee Meeting.
Kenneth Stein doing his magic as
MC at the 2005 Assembly
Beverly & Carolyn had fun at '05
Dan Bartek, Darrell Phelps & Pat Voss

Brenda and Ann ~ Cousins
Catching Up
Arland, Darrell, Carolyn, &
Betty -  family
Jo Ann Rouse
Hanstrom, Class of '61
is the President of The
Greater Cedar
Creek Lake Area
Chamber of
Commerce.  She's
shown here with Linda
Fernald, Friend and
Volunteer at a  
chamber fund raising
Thanks to Joy Galvan Macias (Class of '74) for
sending the picture above of Mrs. Mitchells’
third grade class.  Joy believes this is the  
Class of ’70.   She says it's okay to share her
contact info.