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If you're thinking about organizing  a  class reunion in 2010
(or some other year),We can post it here and help get the word out!
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For some of us, it was a very long time ago, but put on
your thinking caps and see if you can help. Ask your
parents, grandparents, classmates and check in those
old memory boxes...... We need the names of the
Valedictorians/Salutatorians for the following years:  
1922, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35,
36,38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 51, 52, 53, 54, 56, 57, 58,
71 and 79.  We need the name of the Salutatorian only for
1962.  If you can help with this information, please
contact Claudina Perez  
(left) Theresa Robertson,
Class of '59, hands in her
T.I. employee badge on her
last day there.  She retired on
October 27, 2006 after 46
years with the  company.  
Theresa has moved back to
the area and is living in
Skidmore and would like to
hear from old friends
Remember Scoot's Cafe that
belonged to
Theresa, Hilda and Patsy
Jean's folks?
The Odem High School Library is in need of some
Yearbooks to completethe Library collection.
Anything before 1948. 1952 No Yearbook Published
1959  1960   1961  1966  1968  1970  1971  1973  1976  1982
If you have a yearbook from one of these years that
you're willing to donate, please contact Frances Sipes

Jim Walker, Class of '60 writes, "Joined Air Force and left prior to
graduation.  Finished high school in Air Force."  We can share Jim's
contact information.  
Can you help locate Veterans'
Memorial Plaque?........
For many years, a plaque bearing the names of
Odem Exes who had served in the U.S. Armed
Forces hung in the hall of the old Odem High
School.  This plaque was removed for
safekeeping during Hurricane Celia in 1970 and
hasn't been seen since.  Does anyone have any
idea where it might be?  Use the Contact Us
page to provide information, please.
Jean Austin Curtiss and
Billie Jo Tennill at
CommitteeMtg. 3-24-07
Deborah Buentello Carriles, Class of '88,  writes......  
"Hi all. I am so looking forward to the big '20' reunion. Feel free to get
my info from the Exes committee to keep me informed. Oh, and I would
love to help out in searching for people or getting the reunion together.
Just let me know and I will come down from SA." Deborah gave
permission to share her information and she can be emailed at
Homecoming 2007 was the weekend of
the Class of 1977 30 year reunion, and it
was a great weekend of food, fun, and
catching up with old friends.  Classmates
came from as far as New Jersey (Boyd
Smith), Nebraska (Jo Lynne Barber
Lehan), and San Antonio (Joe Thornton) to
participate in the event.  The weekend
included attending the homecoming
football game, a reception at Dalia's Cafe
in Odem after the game, and a party at the
home of Steve and Joan (Atkinson)
McKaughan.  (See Photo at
Darrell Wayne Phelps,
Classof '57
, writes that
he's retired from the
Air Force, married and
living in Seguin.  
We can share Darryl's
contact info.  The photo
shows retirement at its best!

  Duncan Robertson looking for old
. We received this email from Duncan
Robertson who is looking for old classmates.  His email is
listed.  If you knew Duncan, let him hear from you.

" I'm not a graduate of Odem HS, however, I did spend a
good portion of my "formative" years at that school and
would like to have the chance to look up some old
classmates. Would have been in the graduating class of
1990. Thank you!"      
Email Duncan at
Tom Laney,
Class of '59
with his grandson,
Ryan Gentry
Anyone remember being
in Band with Tom????
(L Top) Jo Ann Rouse Hanstrom,
Class of '61, Hilda Robertson
West, Class of '55, Theresa
Robertson, Class of' 59, (Bottom
R) Celia Kay West Catnach, Class
of '90 and friend, Anne Jordan,  all
gathered at Theresa's new
Skidmore home in April 2007.
take a look at the book that
Cervado Castro is holding
Left).   It's an out-of-print  
History of San Patricio County
and the Homecoming
Committee is hoping someone
will have an extra copy that
they will donate for auction or
raffle for fund raising.  You can
offer it through the
Contact Us
Click on  Photo to Enlarge
Click & enlarge this picture
 & you'll see that it says
Est. 1956.  Any of you
remember playing (or
coaching)  in the first Odem
Little League? (Girls couldn't
play in 1956)  If you played or
coached that first year, send
us a note about it.
JAN REED VICKERS,  Homecoming Committee
Historian, is asking for pictures, preferably
earlier years with the names identifyng each
individual.  Mail to PO Box 642 Odem TX 78370

Committee Chair is asking for recommendations
or suggestions for decorations by mail or email.  
Decorations for reception and General
Assembly.  Some of the decorations may be
moved for dance.)
710 Bunker Hill Drive Arlington, TX  76011   
Willard Lynn Bosworth, Class of '75 writes that he
married his wife Judy in 1985, then moved to Tulsa, OK
that same year to attend Spartan School of
Aeronautics. He graduated in 1987 and went to work in
1987 for American Airlines in Tulsa as an A & P Tech.
He's been with American ever since and is now living
in Broken Arrow, which is right next door to Tulsa.  
We can share his email address to contact him.

Bill & Jo Ann
Hanstrom visited
Odem in June with
their youngest son
and his family.  
Shown at "old"
Welder Park in
Sinton is (l-r) Jeff
Hanstrom, 15 yr. old
John Hanstrom,
Jana Hanstrom, Jo
Ann Hanstrom
(class of '61) w/10
yr. old Anna in front
and Bill Hanstrom
(class of '60).  Bill &
Jo Ann showed the
family Odem &
Sinton & had lunch
with old friends.
(l-r) Patsy Robertson Petrus, Ina Ruth Maxwell Rouse,
Joyce & Frank Rhoden (Jo Ann's cousin), Hilda Robertson
West, Bill Hanstrom, Jo Ann Hanstrom, Billie Jo Tennill &
Theresa Robertson
Steve Garcia, class of '77, writes that he didn't  graduate with his
class.  He  joined the U.S. Army in his senior year, but regrets  not
being able to be there with all his brothers and sisters that he
knew through elementary up to high school.  He received his GED
through  the armed forces training.  Steve lives in Odem and we
can share his information.  You can email Steve at
L-R - Bertha Martinez Garcia, Joan Atkinson McKaughan, Pam Rothlisberger
 Metting, Margie Garza McKinney, Rosemary Chavez Aleman,Hector Rivera

***NOTE***We received some correspondence and a very generous offer from Casey Cluiss Flinn, granddaughter of Jack Whetstone
(Class of '42),  daughter of Kelly Whetstone Cluiss (Class of '70, and niece of Colleen Whetstone  (Class 67 )  Casey's hobby is genealogy
and she's offering to do research for those of you that might need or want information on your family.

"I was raised in Sinton, but my mother and her family were all raised in Odem (surname-Whetstone).  I have a special interest in the
history of these two towns.  Genealogy is my hobby and I love helping others research their roots.  I would be happy to help anyone with
their search.  I am willing to visit cemeteries to take photos of headstones and I own a copy of the San Patricio County Book and can look
for any information about your family. My email address is, if anyone is interested"

NEWS FLASH FROM FRANCIS GARCIA MORROW, Class of '63 - " No longer working at CC State School! YEAAH!  P-T job turned into
over 40 hours per week due to staff shortages, illnesses, etc.  I only want a p-t job just to keep busy."    Anita lives in Corpus and says we
can share her contact information.  Let Jo Fern Quinn Thomas know if you want to contact Francis.  
Calling "old" Pacers....
For all you gear-heads that
were around in the late '50's,
early '60's
, take a look at the
picture on the left.  Anyone have
any memories of the Pacers Hot
Rod Club that you can share?
This Pacers plaque belongs to
Bill Hanstrom, Email
Click to Enlarge
Sandra Freeze Lindeman, Class of '73 writes
that she's still married to Randy, still 2 sons, still in
Education.  Lives in Odem.